How to Choose Perfect Domain Name

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When you chose to move your business on the web, at that point it’s important to choose perfect domain name for your business. Choosing a perfect domain name is a very troublesome assignment for any newbie. Here we have shared a couple of thoughts to choose perfect domain name for your business.

How to Choose Perfect Domain Name

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Niche And Keywords

You should consider the niche of your blog or the site deliberately before purchasing a domain name. Keep in mind, in long terms of business; your brand name is your online identity. So choosing a perfect niche and a domain name is very important and it plays a significant role in the success of your online business. while choosing your domain name, you should do some keyword research in your niche. You need to find out the keywords with less competition and also when you choose a domain name with your target keyword in it, it will help you in SEO and will rank your website higher and shows your website in organic searches.

Domain Name Extension

Domain name extension also plays an important role in choosing the perfect domain name. That totally depends upon the nature of your business and your target audience. If you just target the audience in one particular country like India then you should go for a .in domain. Similarly, There are country specific domain names for almost every country. If you target audience worldwide then you should go for a .com domain.

The second thing which you need to keep in mind is the nature of your business. If you are selling something online then .com is perfect for you as com stands for commercial. If you are a nonprofit organization the go for .org. If you have any informational site on any particular topic then you can choose .info domain. If you have an educational institute then go for the .edu domain and so on.

Also, make sure to choose only TLD domain extensions. TLD means top-level domains. All country-specific domain names are TLDs and all popular domain names like .com,.net, .info,.org, .edu are TLDs.

Don’t choose any subdomains or any free domains like .tk, .ml etc as they have a negative impact on Google search engines algorithms and your site may not rank well in organic searches.

Unique But Easy To Remeber

While choosing your domain name you should also take care of the uniqueness of the domain names. Always, search for the unique names. You can try synonyms of the common words to make it unique. Choose unique but simple words and not the difficult ones. Other than that it must be easy to remember. As people don’t remember difficult words or long phrases so your domain name should be of only 2 words(recommended) and should be easy to remember.

Avoid Special Characters And Numbers

You need to keep your domain name short and simple. Avoid using special characters like the hyphens, dashes or the numbers as it becomes hard to remember and it may confuse people as they likely to forget the exact domain name. So, don’t take any chances and keep your domain name concise and simple.

Copyright And Trademarks

One last thing to keep in mind before choosing your perfect domain name, check for its copyrights. If any other business/website have the same name or copyrights and trademarks of that business name. You can simply go to google and search your domain name and you will find all websites with related names. Also, do not use any brand name in your domain name. For example, if you are selling ‘hp’ computers online then don’t use ‘hp’ in your domain name as it is illegal to use any brand name and it is completely unethical and the original company may sue you because of the copyright Infringement.

There are few other things like the availability and the price of the domain name at the time of buying. Always purchase a domain name from a reputed company. Companies like GoDaddy, big rock,, and are some well-reputed companies or you can choose a bundle pack of hosting and domain from Bluehost.


  • Select domain relevant to your niche.
  • Choose TLD domain extension according to nature of the business.
  • Make it Unique and easy to remember.
  • Avoid the special characters and numbers.
  • Check Copyrights and Trademarks of your domain name.

I hope this article will help you to choose your own perfect domain name for your business. If you like this article then share it with your friends on social media. Also, follow us on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn and subscribe our newsletter to get all the latest posts directly in your inbox.

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